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There is nothing here.
I'm just a person that runs a YouTube channel, and knows how to code in Node.js.

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Things I create

"The Worker at FEMA" YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel where I upload Emergency Alert System mocks. Emergency Alert System mocks are scenario videos that simulate how the Emergency Alert System would be activated in a scenario. For example, how the Emergency Alert System would be activated in a zombie apocalypse.
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AttoBot Discord Bot

It's a multipurpose Discord bot with lots of API integrations that will enhance your Discord experience.

Featured Video on my YouTube channel

EAS Scenario #3

EAS Scenario #3: COVID-26 - The Zombie Virus Version of COVID-19

A laboratory in the United States manages to combine SARS-CoV-2 with Ebola and Rabies. A zombie virus was formed, and it breached containment and became a pandemic. Fortunately it was contained through bombings.

FAQ about EAS and my channel

  • What video editing software I use?
    I use Wondershare Filmora 9. It doesn't require experience and a high-end system, and it's already enough for my videos.
  • When did I create my YouTube channel?
    I created it in April 2021, because I was bored.
  • What font do I use for making my EAS mock videos?
    I use the VCR EAS font. You can search for it on Google.
  • I don't know what are the Siren Head-like noises at the beginning of the alerts.
    They are the SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) data, which is used by the Emergency Alert System (EAS). After 3 SAME data bursts are broadcasted, there will be an attention tone. After that is the voice message of the alert.







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